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Russian 1899 Finned Tula

Historical war rifle with barrel shanks marking indicating association of the Tula Arsenal.
This item is currently listed on our Gunbroker, with some cosmetic aging damage.
1899 Finned Tula, perfect for any collection.

The arsenal marks of Mosin Nagants are found on the barrel just forward of the top of the receiver and right behind the rear sight. These marks indicate the arsenal the weapon was produced in and have changed over the years. In addition to arsenal marks, you will find other marks or stampings. These include the date, serial number and property marks as well as various acceptance and proof marks. I have not been able to locate an authoritative resource for identifying the acceptance and proof marks as it appears, that individual armorers and inspectors used their own unique stamps in many cases.
The Mosin enjoys a rich history from its beginnings in 1891 right up to today. It is a history shrouded in politics, intrigue and terror as much as it was a symbol of patriotism and the struggle against tyranny. This rifle has seen the fall of governments and events that shaped world history and is still very much a part of the events that shape our world today.


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